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  • Hi, and welcome to Laurie Jean & Rose. My name is Lauren, and I have been photographing newborns since 2010 in the NW Atlanta area and all over! My love affair with newborn photography began shortly after the birth of my youngest son, when I missed the window for my son’s sleepy newborn photos due to my photographer canceling on me at the last minute. Unfortunately I didn’t get any sleepy posed shots of him, but so began my interest and love for newborn photography.

    I am completely self-taught, and have photographed over 1,000 newborns over the last near decade. My goal is that you find our session an enjoyable experience, are completely relaxed, and love your newborn photos for many years to come. I prefer to focus on timeless images with simple props vs. the latest gimmick. 80’s clothes and hair, anyone? Okay, that era was actually pretty awesome, but let’s keep the baby photos fresh.

    Hope to hear from you!

    xoxo Lauren

Nora Rae {Alpharetta Marietta Newborn Atlanta Photographer}

Nora Rae is one GORGEOUS baby girl. Her older sister unfortunately was stillborn, undoubtedly leaving her parents devastated and heartbroken. They brought along some items of her angel sister’s to photograph Nora with. They brought a locket containing her photo and hair and also a Molly Bear. Molly Bears are stuffed bears that are filled to the exact weight of a lost newborn/infant for a mother/father can hold and sleep with and hopefully have some comfort in doing so.

Just watching her mother peripherally during Nora’s session, I could tell that she had such a great love and appreciation for her that likely only another parent who has lost a child would understand. Nora is one loved little girl, for sure. I know that she has already brought her parents so much joy, and I truly hope she helps to heal their hearts and that Nora treasures these photos one day of her and her big sister. <3

Bullard Elementary Foundation Baskets

I thought I would add some random photos to help with bidding for the foundation baskets at Bullard Elementary. Since I primarily only post my newborn sessions that I do, I decided to pull a few photos to help with those bidding on the baskets as the likelihood is higher that they’re bidding for non-newborn sessions. Enjoy! The basket can be redeemed any time within 1 year from the date of winning. I request that I be given 2 weeks’ advanced notice for holiday periods so that we can arrange scheduling. YOU MAY GIVE THIS BASKET AS A GIFT AS WELL!

Sage & Skye Twin Newborn Session {Atlanta Marietta Newborn Twins Photographer}

I’m a bit late blogging these beautiful girls’ photos. But I have been so busy shooting since the start of fall that I have barely had time to do anything but edit and spend time with my kids!

Sage and Skye are identical, and they were so precious and sweet! Sage (on right in top pic, bottom in second pic, and on right in third pic) was a bit more feisty than her sister, but the session still went smoothly after the initial blanket shot.

I loved photographing these babies! I hope to see them again :)

Colbie Sneak Peek {Marietta Newborn Atlanta Photographer}

Colbie! WOW! Love that frog pose shot of her. She looks so stunning on that peachy pink! <3 Such a cute little smile in the cradle shot, too! She had beautiful skin. I don't think I even had to edit it, really, which is not common. And the family photo. SO much love there :) Big sister was very well-behaved during the newborn session, and just look at how sweet she is looking at her new baby sister. Love it! I hope to see Colbie again soon.

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