Amelia Sneak Peek {Atlanta Baby Marietta Newborn Baby Alpharetta Photographer}

Amelia is SO precious! She’s so smiley and happy, but she made us work outside a bit as it was chilly. She just turned 6 months, and her little smile is to die for :) AND she has my favorite girl name! I love the name Amelia, and it suits her so well.

I love babies at this age. Her mom and I were talking about the hardest age to photograph, and it’s my personal opinion that anything 2-1/2 weeks to 3 months is very difficult to photograph, unless you’re doing lifestyle shots in the client’s home. At 2-1/2 weeks-3 months of age, babies don’t do much, and it’s a struggle to get that eye contact with the camera. Their little arms and legs also like to flail around, and they can easily break out of wraps and swaddling blankets. Basically all you are going to get is perhaps different expressions, but don’t expect much variety other than the classic “cheerio” face, an occasional startled look, and maybe a smile or two.

But photographing a 6-month-old is so much fun, because they make eye contact, smile, can usually sit up, are good on their tummies, etc. They really interact with you! Little Amelia wasn’t too enthused outdoors because of the chill, but she gave lots of smiles inside. I wanted to keep her…and she already has the perfect name…!

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