Caden Sneak Peek {Stone Mountain, Marietta, Atlanta Newborn Photographer}

Just look at this little peanut! Caden was three weeks early and was only a little over 5 pounds when he was born. He was SO tiny. But don’t let that fool you. Caden was FIESTY! :) I have to say that Caden was one of the most fiesty newborns I have ever worked with, but we still completed the session and still got great pix :) Caden was about as hungry as a hippo and just had to have his paci in his mouth nearly the entire time. It seemed like his session took forever, but it was really only about 3 or 3.5 hours. Mom, grandma, and I got some good laughs during the the Coke setup, because he did NOT want to keep those legs closed and kept sticking his left leg over the crate. Every time I put it back, just when I would try to step back to take a picture, he’d move again. Sometimes you can get mom to help hold it still and combine two images into one, but Caden was so touchy that I was afraid doing that may wake him permanently. Luckily, we got the shot. Caden was adorable, and I think his mommy is in for a ride with him as he grows :) Lol!




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