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Eli Sneak Peek {Moscow, Russia Newborn Baby Photographer, Atlanta Marietta Newborn Photography}

Eli’s family lives all the way in Russia, where newborn photography is nonexistent due to cultural differences andView full post »

Clay Sneak Peek {Buckhead Newborn Baby Photography Atlanta Newborn Photographer}

This baby was SO good for me! He was probably the best baby I’ve had in a very long time. He was very chill, andView full post »

Cooper Newborn Sneak Peek {Acworth Newborn Photographer Atlanta, Marietta Photography Newborn Baby}

WOW! Cooper’s newborn session was the most difficult one I have had to date, and I have photographed A LOT ofView full post »

Creed Spring Sneak Peek {Jonesboro Photographer Atlanta Baby Photographer Marietta}

Oh, Creed! Creed’s daddy is an ER doctor, and I think Creed may just be headed for a similar path. He’s suchView full post »

Amelia Sneak Peek {Atlanta Baby Marietta Newborn Baby Alpharetta Photographer}

Amelia is SO precious! She’s so smiley and happy, but she made us work outside a bit as it was chilly. She justView full post »

Lily Sneak Peek {Dunwoody Atlanta Photographer Marietta Newborn Photographer}

What a lucky little girl! Daddy is a doctor, and mom is a pharmacist! I had a cute little surgeon’s cap left overView full post »

Edie Sneak Peek {Atlanta Marietta Newborn Photographer Alpharetta Photography}

Edie was so sweet and perfect…LOVE her name, too! She had great skin…not too red or yellow, and she didView full post »

Wyatt Sneak Peek {Smyrna Atlanta Newborn Photographer Alpharetta Newborn Photography}

Wyatt was so precious! And I sure do get some of the most beautiful moms! At 13 days old, he really did an awesome jobView full post »

Giuliana (6 weeks old) Sneak Peek {Bermuda Atlanta Marietta Newborn Infant Photographer}

Giuliana was what some photographers refer to as an “oldborn”…an older than usual newborn toView full post »

Aidan Sneak Peek {Alanta Newborn Photographer Marietta, Cumming Newborn Photography, Atlanta Newborn Baby Photos}

Aidan was one chunky boy! I love chunky babies! :) He was 12 days old as we had to postpone a few days due to the iceView full post »

Davis & Reid Twin Newborn Sneak Peek {Atlanta Newborn Alpharetta Newborn Photography, Marietta Newborn Photographer}

Davis and Reid were a joy to photograph! Davis was quite a bit larger than his brother, Reid. Reid was a tiny littleView full post »

Rose Sneak Peek {Atlanta Newborn Marietta Newborn Photography}

Rose was 12 days old when we did her newborn session. Her mom and dad almost decided not to get newborn photos, but I amView full post »

Jack Sneak Peek {Atlanta Marietta Newborn Alpharetta Photographer}

OH.MY.HEART! <3 Jack had the most BEAUTIFUL head full of hair I have seen in a very long time. His newborn sessionView full post »

Austin Sneak Peek {Atlanta Marietta Kennesaw Newborn Baby Photographer}

Austin was so sweet! He has such great parents, and he’s a perfect combination of both of them! With mom’sView full post »

Jack Sneak Peek {Cumming, Atlanta, Marietta Newborn Photographer}

Ohhh, baby Jack was SO adorable. He was premature, so he didn’t get his newborn photos done right away, but he wasView full post »

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