Creed – 7 Weeks Sneak Peek {Atlanta, Jonesboro Baby Photographer}

Creed’s mom brought him to me for a newborn style shoot, but babies are much harder to photograph between 11 days of age and 3 months. They don’t tend to do much during that time, and they generally are not able to be posed after 2 weeks of age, with it being considerably more difficult after 10 days. Creed, however, was born 3 weeks early, so I thought maybe we could snap at least a few newborn-style photographs, but we only got a couple of him sleeping indoors before taking him outside to get some nice awake shots.

**It’s important to say that even if you feel it’s “too late” for sleepy newborn pix, it’s still important to have their pictures done! Even different expressions or capturing them on different blankets or with mom and dad is something you will treasure forever. You won’t look back in 18 years when your baby is graduating and think, “Man, I really hate I didn’t get those shots of my baby propped up on his elbows holding his head in his hands like my friends did with their babies.” You will think, “Wow, that was how my baby looked 18 years ago!!” You’ll be so glad you went ahead and got those pictures!

Creed’s hair is so precious. Love babies with lots of hair at birth, and he had some cute expressions! I love how he looks like he’s sort of scratching his head like, “Really, Mom? Who is this lady!?!?” He’s super handsome in blue, too! :)


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