Elharia Sneak Peek {Atlanta Newborn Marietta Photographer}

WHEW! Elharia gave me a RUN for the money! She was awake for quite some time, but once she finally fell asleep, she was great during her newborn session. But for a while there, I wondered if I would get any sleeping shots of her. I always end up winning, however :) And look at that SMILE! She smiled several times for us :)

Elharia’s dad is a singer and really wanted a picture of her on his guitar during the newborn session. Please note that BABY WAS SAFE, and a hand was on baby. This is a composite shot. For new photographers, please do not attempt this without some experience in composites. Nothing is work risking baby’s safety during a newborn session.

I love how the guitar shot turned out! Elharia’s parents are going to try to convince some friends of theirs to come for a newborn session soon as well. Nothing is more flattering to me than referrals.

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