Giuliana (6 weeks old) Sneak Peek {Bermuda Atlanta Marietta Newborn Infant Photographer}

Giuliana was what some photographers refer to as an “oldborn”…an older than usual newborn to photograph. Generally, after the first 14 days, babies are not photographed professionally again until the standard 3 months, unless of course you are doing a lifestyle session at your home. Giuliana was 6 weeks old when we did her session. She lives in Bermuda with her mom, dad, and older brother, but there are only two photographers in Bermuda, and they were all booked up, so she ended up coming to see me :) Such a beautiful girl, and I love the shot of her mom feeding her. Breastfeeding sessions are done all of the time to document that special bond, and bottle feeding is just as special for mother and baby, so why not?!

Sometimes at older newborns will surprise you and allow you to capture some unexpected “posed” newborn shots, but every baby is different, and it’s very hard to predict whether that will happen. Luckily, Julianna’s mom had no expectations to get those types of photos, and that was a good thing, because I could tell that we would not get those with little Julianna. At 6 weeks old, she’s already a feisty little thing who knows what she wants! :)

It’s a nice change, though, to get some shots of babies awake in those first few weeks of life. She was actually very good about looking in the direction of the camera, for the most part. It can be a real struggle with older newborns to get them to at least look in the direction of the camera. Oftentimes, they’re looking off in a different direction. We also took her out to Marietta Square to do a few shots, and it was quite chilly and windy, despite the fact that it was supposed to be in the 60’s.

Mom is bringing back the entire family in the summer, and I can’t wait to capture their whole family when we have more time and hopefully some awesome sunset light! Mom has no photos of the entire family, so it will be great to give them that!

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