Lilia 4 Months {Canton, Kennesaw, Atlanta Baby Photographer}

SERIOUSLY!? This baby girl is only 4 months old, and look at that full head of gorgeous and LONG hair! :) I was so shocked to see how much hair she had, and I kept going on and on about it throughout the session. Daddy supposedly had a lot of hair when he was born, but his fell out. Looks like Lilia’s hair is here to stay! She’s a little Rapunzel, for sure. Lilia was so happy and smiley throughout the session, but she loved playing with the blanket and her shoes, so it took some work on my and mom’s part to get her to look at the camera. She loved her Pooh bear :) After doing some indoor shots of her, we were going to head over to an outdoor location to get some more shots, but unfortunately my battery was dead in my van, so we had to reschedule that part…so look forward to seeing more of this cuteness soon!

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