Nora Rae {Alpharetta Marietta Newborn Atlanta Photographer}

Nora Rae is one GORGEOUS baby girl. Her older sister unfortunately was stillborn, undoubtedly leaving her parents devastated and heartbroken. They brought along some items of her angel sister’s to photograph Nora with. They brought a locket containing her photo and hair and also a Molly Bear. Molly Bears are stuffed bears that are filled to the exact weight of a lost newborn/infant for a mother/father can hold and sleep with and hopefully have some comfort in doing so.

Just watching her mother peripherally during Nora’s session, I could tell that she had such a great love and appreciation for her that likely only another parent who has lost a child would understand. Nora is one loved little girl, for sure. I know that she has already brought her parents so much joy, and I truly hope she helps to heal their hearts and that Nora treasures these photos one day of her and her big sister. <3

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