Rose Sneak Peek {Atlanta Newborn Marietta Newborn Photography}

Rose was 12 days old when we did her newborn session. Her mom and dad almost decided not to get newborn photos, but I am glad that they did! I always want to tell people: You cannot go back and get them later if you decide you made a mistake in not getting them done. As a mom of 3 boys who were all born before this particular type of newborn photography really became an essential on many moms’ lists, it saddens me I didn’t get these types of photos with my own boys. Back in 2004 when my oldest was done, this style of newborn photography was really just beginning to become popular, and it was something so few people did that it was prohibitively expensive, and mostly just wealthy people were able to cope with the costs. When my second son was born, it was a little more common, but it was still very pricy. By the time I had my third son, it was really starting to gain popularity, but at that time I wasn’t able to get them done within the first two weeks as I didn’t realize the importance of that, so the shots I ended up with by another photographer were not sleepy, curly poses, which I so wish I had gotten! So while it pains me in a way that I don’t have these photos of my own boys, I am glad that I can create these photos for other moms to enjoy forever!

Rose was a beautiful, chunky, squishy newborn (my favorite!). I just love her smile, don’t you!? Her grandpa and grandma sat in during the session as well, and grandpa was a product photographer for 20ish years, so we had a fun chat about photography! :)



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