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  • Hi, and welcome to Laurie Jean & Rose. My name is Lauren, and I have been photographing newborns since 2010 in the NW Atlanta area and all over! My love affair with newborn photography began shortly after the birth of my youngest son, when I missed the window for my son’s sleepy newborn photos due to my photographer canceling on me at the last minute. Unfortunately I didn’t get any sleepy posed shots of him, but so began my interest and love for newborn photography.

    I am completely self-taught, and have photographed over 1,000 newborns over the last near decade. My goal is that you find our session an enjoyable experience, are completely relaxed, and love your newborn photos for many years to come. I prefer to focus on timeless images with simple props vs. the latest gimmick. 80’s clothes and hair, anyone? Okay, that era was actually pretty awesome, but let’s keep the baby photos fresh.

    Hope to hear from you!

    xoxo Lauren

Atlanta Alpharetta Newborn Photographer Sneak Peek

WOW! I absolutely love this mommy/baby shot! Many of my newborns smile at least once during their newborn sessions, but it’s pretty rare for them to smile during the mom/baby shot. But he did! How precious! And isn’t mom just absolutely beautiful?!

This little guy had quite a lot of newborn acne on his face when he came for his newborn shoot — probably the most I have dealt with. But I was able to get it all taken care of in Photoshop, and you’d never know! :) He was a bit older during his session, 17-19 days, I think, so that’s about when the newborn acne comes out.

I hope to see this little guy again soon! <3

Elias Sneak Peek {Decatur Newborn Photographer}

Elias was an absolute pleasure to photograph! He was a little dream baby! Everyone is loving the crate lately. I let my moms and dads pick from a fair assortment of buckets, etc. They keep making a great choice! Ha :)

This family had a struggle while they were pregnant. Elias’ dad was diagnosed with cancer, so they had to start treatments for that and deal with the stress of such a crushing thing during what should be a wonderful time for a couple to share together. His dad luckily just finished up chemo but still does not like to take photos due to the common side effects. He did, however, participate in the family shot, and it turned out gorgeous!!! Though it is probably one of my favorite family shots I’ve done, I am respecting their privacy and wishes and not sharing that particular photo for now. They will find out soon if he is in remission, and I am told I may be able to share it if they get positive news. Here’s to hoping for health and happiness for their family.

That mom shot, though! <3

Mac Sneak Peek {Atlanta Alpharetta Newborn Photographer}

Mac was SO sweet and so good! He was very easy during his session, and he was so tiny at around 6 pounds.

LOVE the sibling shot that I captured during his newborn session. How sweet is that?! Big sister Caroline is a little doll, and she was so interested in watching the session and what baby brother was doing. It was too cute. :)

Also loving the Atlanta crate I stuffed him in :)



And I never shared this…we did this back in the fall when mom was still pregnant with him. Her family owns a horse farm. It was really just a family mini session and not meant to be a maternity session, however. I really love the horse shot. So beautiful!

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