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Atlanta Alpharetta Newborn Photographer Sneak Peek

WOW! I absolutely love this mommy/baby shot! Many of my newborns smile at least once during their newborn sessions, but it’s pretty rare for them to smile during the mom/baby shot. But he did! How precious! And isn’t mom just absolutely beautiful?!

This little guy had quite a lot of newborn acne on his face when he came for his newborn shoot — probably the most I have dealt with. But I was able to get it all taken care of in Photoshop, and you’d never know! :) He was a bit older during his session, 17-19 days, I think, so that’s about when the newborn acne comes out.

I hope to see this little guy again soon! <3

Scarlett Sneak Peek {Buckhead Atlanta Newborn Photographer}

Oh, little Scarlett! She was so beautiful and had the best head of hair ever! <3

Her mom is really obsessed with turtles and was dying to get an outdoor turtle shot.

Such a beautiful baby girl, and I can’t wait to see her again for 6 month/family shots!



Marcelo Sneak Peek {Atlanta Newborn Alpharetta Photography}

Marcelo had the best skin! Wow! I didn’t even have to smooth him in post production :) No skin flakes, either, which are common with newborns.

I loved photographing him. He was a very well-behaved little guy during his newborn session.

I hope to see him again soon!

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Mac Sneak Peek {Atlanta Alpharetta Newborn Photographer}

Mac was SO sweet and so good! He was very easy during his session, and he was so tiny at around 6 pounds.

LOVE the sibling shot that I captured during his newborn session. How sweet is that?! Big sister Caroline is a little doll, and she was so interested in watching the session and what baby brother was doing. It was too cute. :)

Also loving the Atlanta crate I stuffed him in :)



And I never shared this…we did this back in the fall when mom was still pregnant with him. Her family owns a horse farm. It was really just a family mini session and not meant to be a maternity session, however. I really love the horse shot. So beautiful!

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